The music program runs year-round at the institute.  Programmes are tailored to the requirements of the students, whether it is music for pleasure, gaining accreditation or playing in groups for competitions and corporate events. The music programme is overseen and coordinated by Deirdre O Brien-Vaughan and includes:

  • Regional Repertoires
  • Style Formation of Traditional Music
  • Instrumental Technique
  • Composition – Structure & Variations
  • The singing tradition
  • Arrangement, improvisation & creating and presenting a repertoire
  • Accompaniment for voice and session playing

Students will be provided with recognised teachers in their field, as well as guest teachers.
The following traditional instruments are taught at the institute:

  • Harp
  • Flute                   
  • Tin Whistle          
  • Bodhran               
  • Concertina   
  • Banjo
  • Piano    
  • Button Accordion
  • Uilleann Pipes     
  • Piano Accordion
  • Mandolin
  • Suzuki Violin       
  • Fiddle
  • Guitar